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Are you hiring a professional or a friend to officiate your wedding?

If you are hiring a friend or a family member to officiate your wedding you will want to forward them this list of tips!

Officiant Steve Siglin

Tips for Officiants:

1. Remind people to turn off their cell phones for the ceremony if you are having an unplugged ceremony.

2. Remind people to sit down after the bride has walked down the aisle at the appropriate time.

3. Be careful of your breathing, don't talk, comment, or laugh during the couple's vows. We might be using your lapel mic for their Highlight video.

4. If the couple is using a handheld mic for the vows portion of the ceremony don't forget to hand it to the couple before their vows. Be sure the mic stand is not in front of you when not being used.

5. If the couple is reciting vows, be sure to take it slow and not talk over their words. This is a common mistake so just take it really slow.

6. You don't need to yell, "I present to you Mr and Mrs..." This will come out distorted if you do.

7. When the couple kisses most officiants move out of the shot to the left or right. This is up to you and the couple. And remember to remove the mic stand before the couple kisses.

8. Remind family members to stay for photos before the couple kisses or after they have walked down the aisle.

9. Wear attire that allows the Videographer and DJ to each place a mic on you.

10. Lastly, don't forget to hand the mic to the couple during vows. ;)

If you need a list of professional officiates from Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, Carmel Valley and Tahoe see my list below.

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Dearly Beloved Celebrations // Corkie Matson:

Personal Weddings by Chris // Chris:

Ceremonies by Meredith // Meredith:

These are some of my favorite Bay Area / Sacramento / Tahoe Officiants to work with!


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