The most asked questions.

What is the difference between the Associate, Elite and Unique Series?

The main difference between the 3 is the level of skill and creativeness the videographer has and how much time is invested between now and the day your film is finished. The better the package the more options open up as well to make your film better. No matter what package you get thou you will have a very respectful and professional team at your side. There are other things that make each package unique so please call me to find out more.

Do you travel and what are the cost?

The Associate Series is only available in the Bay Area. With the Elite and Unique Series, we will travel anywhere. Travel charges start to kick in for weddings in Carmel, Tahoe & Yosemite. Parking fees are passed onto the couple when they go over $35. 

Do you offer Photography?

I don't. I know a lot of great photographers that I work really well with my style and I'm happy to pass their names along. If you have already hired your photographer I can assure you we will work as a team.

Do we get to pick the music?

If you like the music in all of my films you won't have to spend the time to find music. If you want to have a say in the music you will have to choose from the royalty-free music sites I use. You will need to find about 3-5 songs for me to choose from. The days are gone of picking any song off iTunes and putting it in a wedding film. The music industry has ways now of blocking your video or suing you. Picking music is very much a part of the art as the editing is. My advice is to let me choose the music that fits the energy and emotion of your wedding day!

What is your style of filming?

It really depends on the couple. I adjust to your energy! My goal is to make sure I create a beautiful piece of artwork, so I may have you do simple things like moving you into better light, have you hold hands, and give each other kiss. I want your film to reflect who you both are so I don't ask very much of my couples!

How do we book you? 

A deposit of $1,500 and signed contract locks you in. Once you book with Love Unique Studios, you'll be given a PDF for your photographer and DJ that explains how we work on the day of your wedding. I'll also send you a simple wedding questionnaire and tips sheet that contains great information on how to enjoy your wedding day and to make sure things go a smoother.