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photo by: Jana Williams Photography

  Having worked on over 500 weddings since 2009, I know firsthand how special this moment is and how nerve-wracking such a big life event can be. My personal and professional mission is to ensure your comfort in being true to yourself.

  Whether you are having an intimate ceremony in a backyard or a large ballroom wedding, I'm ready to capture all the candid and endearing moments that are afoot. My focus is solely on you, from now until you receive your wedding film.


    With experience as a videographer for many years, the epiphany of inspiration struck me with the opportunity to tell a couple's story about how they met while hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. To prepare, I read as much as I could to learn the art of storytelling from the beginning, the middle and into the ever after. This project changed my entire focus on the art of wedding film composition, providing me with a reborn and refreshed perspective. My unique approach that I have perfected over the years is to tell your story in a way that is unique and fun without subscribing to trendy or dated methodologies.


    While every wedding has a similar timeline, no two couples — nor events — are ever alike. I love walking into your wedding and meeting all of your closest friends and family, learning their histories and connections. I love the excitement because every wedding provides me with a chance to make creative decisions that challenges me to raise the bar in providing you with shared memories to last multiple lifetimes.

A bit about me.

        Follower of Jesus       

        Married since 2006 with two kids and two Boston Terriers


        B.A. in Filmmaking 


        I love roasting my own coffee beans

        I've filmed weddings from Hawaii to Ireland to Dubai


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